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What We Do

Empowering Health, Wealth & Beauty of E-commerce Solutions

  • Why Bizpro Trading

    Providing solutions to maximize exposure for your business in the regional and international market for a more profitable venture.

  • How It Works

    Allying your business venture with our E-commerce marketplace and build your own online store.

  • What Is The Benefits

    Catapult your sales in multiple selling channels such as Lelong, Ebay, Amazon and many more.

  • Huge & Unlimited Updates

    Option 1: Sign Up as a Seller with Onlinepurchase Marketplace. Option 2: Building a solitary E-commerce Store

  • Web Design

    We offer web design services to our customer from soho to coorperate porfile. E-commerce website is the most demanding from our clients.

  • Great

    We offer attractive and reasonable packages for our seller start up in onlinepurchase.my.

  • Artwork

    Other then artwork, we also provide artwork services for packaging ,catalogue and brochure design.


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